10 Indoor Family Games

10 Indoor Family Games

10 Indoor Family Games

When we think about quality family time, board games are one of everyone’s favourite choice. And these fun indoor family games are just the perfect alternatives, especially when it’s a rainy/cold day or you’d rather just spend the time with family or friends at home.

Bust your boredom with this amazing list of best indoor family games by Jenjo Games. Whether you’re looking for simple games for Kids, Adults, or indoor activities for large group of people. We are sure that you will find some of the most interesting indoor games which are perfect for family game nights, indoor parties as well as family reunions or gatherings, where everyone belongs to different age groups.

Here are top 10 Indoor Family Games for you to create some fun memories.

1. Play on Words:

Play on words is just like the tradition game, but this giant version can give you a different experience and adds to a lot of fun to be had. It can also be an amazing educational game for kids. Play on words can help them to learn/spell new words and this would allow them to test their knowledge too!

Plus, if you have any family members coming over. They will love the uniqueness of playing their most favourite board game but, in an oversized version.

Shop for Play on Words.

2. Mini 4:

Mini 4 is great for people learning mathematical solutions & being strategic about each move they make. It’s an entertaining indoor family game, which is also perfect for outdoor activities.

You can easily store this game and carry it, because of its removable slot in legs, this makes storage easy and only takes 1-2 minutes to put together. Mini 4 is suitable for two or more players and can easily add a “wow” factor to any gathering of family members as well as friends.

It will a great addition to your indoor family games collection, as it can keep everyone entertained and occupied for hours!

Shop for Mini 4.

3. Giant Solitaire and Chinese Checkers Set:

This game set gives you two brilliant games at the price of one. You will find giant solitaire on one side and Chinese checkers on the other side. Both the games are perfect for family game nights and will be a great test of skill for everyone. This Giant Solitaire and Chinese Checkers game set would help all players to work their mind by challenging their ability to think and strategize at the same time.

Games like these are not only entertaining for players, but also fun for others watching you play.

Shop for Giant Solitaire and Chinese Checkers Set.

4. Crokinole:

Crokinole is one of those indoor family games that can add some competitive fun to any family game night or gathering. It also holds a special place in everyone’s list of indoor family games as you will never get bored of playing. It also helps improving hand eye coordination and motor skills.

If you have not heard of this game before then you have missed out on a lot of fun. In one of our post, we shared an overview of this classic board game. Do check it out!

Shop for Crokinole.

5. Carrom:

Carrom is an ideal board game to have at your home and is very popular indoor game around the world. You can enjoy playing this table top board game any time you like, as it doesn’t require much time to set up. If you have played this game anywhere before, then it’s time to get it for yourself. And at Jenjo Games, we have two sets of Carrom boards available for you to choose from.

Shop for Carrom or Carrom Championship Set.

6. Shuffle Puck:

Shuffle puck is similar to air hockey and a simple indoor game, which people of all ages can enjoy. You can have a lot of fun playing this game and it is also very entertaining for people watching too. Shuffle Puck will also be a great addition to your indoor family games collection, because it perfect for small as well as large group activities. You can even have a friendly tournament at the comfort of your home.

With shuffle puck, you can be sure about have some a great time with family members and friends.

Shop for Shuffle Puck.

7. Chess and Checkers:

We all know how interesting and fun a game of chess or checkers can be, especially for kids. Games like Chess and Checkers can help them exercise their minds. Every home should have this board game , at Jenjo Games you get both the games on a single board and comes complete with a storage compartment. So that you can play chess or checkers anywhere and anytime!

Shop for Chess and Checkers.

8. Giant Rummy

Rummy is one of the most popular indoor family games which has a simple premise. Although, it’s traditionally played with a deck of cards, the Giant Rummy by Jenjo Games is far better than the usual. The giant version of this entertaining indoor family game adds extra fun for kids as well as for adults. Also, you can either play this game in teams as well as individually. Making it perfect for family game nights and indoor parties.

Shop for Giant Rummy.

9. Snakes Dots and Ladders:

The Snakes Dots and Ladders set gives you two of the most famous games in one that you will remember from your childhood on a single mat. Snakes and Ladders is on one side and Dots is on the other side. What makes this set a must have is that you can play both games indoors as well as outdoors. The mat is foldable and doesn’t require much time to set up.

Shop for Snakes Dots and Ladders.

10. Giant Pickup Sticks:

Giant Pickup Sticks is a great game to play around the house. It also brings everyone together not only for having fun but also to test their skills. The race towards collecting all the sticks becomes very fun and entertaining, rather quickly than expected. Making it one of the best indoor family games.

Shop for Giant Pickup Sticks.

If you want to look for more such fun indoor family games then feel free to checkout all games on our website. We are sure that you will definitely find top quality and entertaining indoor games that are available only at Jenjo Games.

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