Giant Solitaire & Chinese Checkers


Giant Solitaire Specifications:
– 33x Black Pegs
– Game Board Diameter: 60cm
– Made From Pinewood
– Recommended Ages: 3+

Chinese Checkers Specifications:
– 60x Pegs (10 Of Each Colour: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, White & Black)
– Game Board Diameter: 60cm
– Made From Pinewood
– Recommended Ages: 3+

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Enjoy Double the Fun with Our 2-in-1 Giant Solitaire and Chinese Checkers Board!

Introducing our unique 2-in-1 game board, a must-have for any game enthusiast! This versatile board offers the thrill of Giant Solitaire on one side and the strategic fun of Giant Chinese Checkers on the other. With this dual-purpose board, you get two exciting games in one, providing endless entertainment for individuals and groups alike.

About Our 2-in-1 Giant Solitaire and Chinese Checkers Board Where You Double the Fun and Strategy in One Versatile Game Set

Get ready for a mental workout with Giant Solitaire, a captivating single-player game that’s designed to challenge your mind and enhance your problem-solving skills. The objective is simple yet intriguing: horizontally jump a peg over an adjacent peg, similar to the mechanics of checkers. Each time you jump a peg, the jumped peg is removed from the board. The goal is to continue jumping pegs until only one remains. Winning this game requires foresight and careful planning, making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy a mental challenge.

On the flip side, Giant Chinese Checkers offers a dynamic multiplayer experience that’s perfect for social gatherings. This game is all about the joy of playing together, accommodating 2, 3, 4, or even 6 players. It’s an ideal choice for family gatherings, parties, or casual get-togethers, fostering friendly competition and teamwork. The aim of Chinese Checkers is to race all your pieces from your starting triangle to the star corner directly opposite the board. This involves strategic planning and clever maneuvering as you navigate the board, aiming to reach your destination before your opponents do. So, gather your friends and family and enjoy a fun-filled game night with Giant Chinese Checkers!

While our game board is designed for indoor and outdoor use, we recommend bringing it undercover daily to ensure its longevity. Protecting the board from the elements will keep it in excellent condition, allowing you to enjoy countless hours of play.

Our 2-in-1 Giant Solitaire and Giant Chinese Checkers board offers endless fun and mental stimulation for individuals and groups. Its durable design and versatile gameplay make it a fantastic addition to any game collection, promising entertainment and challenge for years.

Safety Tested: Successfully tested for Australian & NZ safety standards

AS/ NZS ISO 8124.1
AS/ NZS ISO 8124.2
AS/ NZS ISO 8124.3

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 62 × 62 × 7 cm


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