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Open Ended Toys

Open ended toys are an essential for any child’s overall development. It gives them an opportunity to explore new ideas and learn new things as they grow. Similarly, children can have endless fun playing with open ended toys as they are much more flexible in comparison to other toys and games. In other words, open ended toys are great for children because they can play freely without any rules. It allows them to be creative and encourages imaginative play to help the young ones exercise their mind.

You will find many games and toys for children that run on batteries, but these toys don’t provide any extra benefit to them. Open ended toys completely rely upon the child’s creativity and manipulation. They can certainly help children in developing fine motor skills and other important skills in a more natural way.

At Jenjo Games, we have many open ended toys for children that are safe and designed to help them in their overall development.

Open Ended Toys:


1. Wooden Rainbow:

The wooden rainbow offers a variety of learning experience to children and offers hours of fun. It will be a great addition to a child’s play area because it can help the kids to learn about different colours, shapes and sizes. Also, the wooden rainbow by Jenjo Games is made of bass wood and uses only non-toxic water-based colours for safety. It consists of twelve different pieces that can be stacked and balanced in creative ways. You can be surprised to see children finding new ways to play with it again and again.

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2. Natural Semi-Circles & Rainbow Balls:

The natural semi-circles & rainbow balls consist of eleven natural semi-circles of various sizes and six rainbow balls. Which allows children to have endless imaginative play like building towers, houses and other creative structures they like. Also, playing with such open ended toy can help children to develop great balancing skills and coordination. This natural semi-circles & rainbow balls set can prove to be a great gift for young ones as it promotes creativity and imaginative play.

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3. Large Pyramid:

Large pyramid will be an amazing addition to a child’s open ended toys collection as children can build beautiful cities, castles, towers and so much more. The large pyramid set by Jenjo Games comes with hundred bright coloured building blocks in a wooden frame box. It will prove to a great educational toy for children and would keep them entertained for hours. Also, the large pyramid is designed to help the young ones to develop fine motor skills, creative thinking and spatial thinking.

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4. Rainbow Wooden Planks:

In rainbow wooden planks set there are eleven colourful planks coted in non-toxic water-based paint. It is a fun wooden puzzle for children that can provide endless opportunities for play. This open ended toy can prove to be a great addition to other educational toys at home. Children can build race tracks or opens door for other building opportunities. The rainbow wooden planks can also enhance a child’s fine motor skills, imagination, coordination and balancing skills.

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To find more such open ended toys by Jenjo Games, feel free to check out our Educational Games and Kids Games & Toys section.

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