Wedding Outdoor Games – Your Guest will Love to Play

Wedding Outdoor Games – Your Guest will Love to Play

Wedding Outdoor Games – Your Guest will Love to Play

Wedding outdoor games – Weddings are a time to meet up and to have fun with friends and family. While most weddings have the DJ or live band included, think about all of the fun you could have while talking over some fun wedding outdoor games—a wedding is a truly big party after all.

Simply because everyone looks their best doesn’t mean you can’t include some fun and easy outdoor lawn games. I’m not talking about volleyball or football. That’s a little too rough and included for a wedding! You need something simple, easy to play, and favorable for chat. Here are some of the popular wedding outdoor games you can present guests at a wedding:

Bocce Ball:

A common bocce ball court isn’t all that difficult. It’s just a rectangular court with surfaces that can vary from dirt to gravel. If you’re playing for fun, you can just find a flat spot of lawn, roll out the smaller pallino ball, and then play to get your ball closest to it.

You could say it’s a bit like horseshoes, but it doesn’t have the rusted metal or noisy clang of hitting the pins. Bocce balls are also easy to roll so that a wide variety of players can join in.


If you have a little more space to set up games and you’re looking for something a little more aggressive and engaged, croquet is the excellent choice for a wedding outdoor games. Croquet games can keep guests entertained for long stretches of time if you need to provide an activity during the bridal parties, photo shoots or to just keep the party going a little bit longer.

Croquet has long been a well-known party game, and you’ll no doubt get some superb pictures of your friends playing in their dress shoes and high heels.

Giant Jenjo:

While games like croquet and bocce need a particular amount of physical ability, there are other games that will fit wedding guests who favor to rely on their wits. There is no lack of backyard games for weddings that will offer fun challenges for everyone who thrives on strategy games. Giant Jenjo is a fantastic game to start with.

Many people will identify that Giant Jenjo has a lot in common with the board game you grew up with. The principle is the same: take away wooden blocks until the tower tumbles over. This game is perfect for wedding receptions because it is a low key game that will give your wedding guests a enjoyable dose of nostalgia.


Another perfect wedding game is Cornhole. It’s extremely simple – just toss a bean bag in the hole – and it doesn’t take up a lot of area. Everyone can play, you can adjust the distance of the holes to suit whoever is playing. And you can set it up on any surface, like grass, gravel, or concrete.  For a little extra fun, you can also enhance the Cornhole boards for the wedding party.

Giant Chess & Checkers:

If you have sufficient space to set up these boards, wedding guests will love a casual game of giant checkers or a more challenging game of giant chess. These outdoor games provide a couple of great advantages. For starters, there aren’t too many families who own either giant checkers or giant chess sets. So you’ll instantly provide a fun novelty that most people haven’t enjoyed before.

However, most importantly, these are comparatively simple games that everyone understands how to play. Once you set them up, you don’t have to worry about instructions everyone. At the very least, everyone knows how to play checkers, and guests won’t have to apply themselves physically.

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