Top Gift Idea’s For Kids

a wooden shelf with rainbows and a rainbow shaped puzzle

Top Gift Idea’s For Kids

This time of the year can become extremely busy. As busy as it is,  it is also exciting! With the holiday season creeping on up to us we thought it would be the perfect time to share some of our top Gift Idea’s For Kids!

Magnetic Tiles

Our Magnetic Tiles are the perfect open ended toy for children aged 3+. They come in a variety of different qty packs to choose from: Rainbow, Pastels, Clear & Icicle. The magnetics in our tiles are extra strong holding up to 6 squares in the air at a time! Pretty cool huh? Each box contains a different amount of Magnetic Tiles in various colours and shapes.The more tiles you have, the bigger structure you can build! Big question here: Are they compatible with other tiles? The answer is YES! Our tiles are compatible with a wide range of other tiles within the market.

Shop Our Range Here: Magnetic Tiles

Building Blocks

You can never have too many blocks for your little ones. These open up imaginative play with a total of 62 blocks. Featuring different sizes shapes and colours which are perfect for colour recognition, balancing and colour sorting. Build castles, houses, fences and more there is so much fun to be had with these. They come perfectly stored in a wooden box which can also be incorporated into your little ones play. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go build some stuff!

Shop: Building Blocks


The ultimate climbing frame for those cheeky little monkeys. Got a child that likes to climb stuff? Don’t worry we got you! Our ClimbA is successfully safety tested for those little thrill seekers that keep you on your feet! Climb, crawl or build a cubby house! The opportunities are endless. If space is an issue at home don’t stress we thought of you too! Our ClimbA is completely foldable and has 2x locking knobs that will lock it into place. Why not build the ultimate play space? Our ClimbA is compatible with the follow products: Rock Climbing Frame & Play Ladder.

Shop: ClimbA

Colourful Spinner

Bright, Fun & Colourful! Our Colourful Spinner will be a hit this Christmas. Watch as you drop our spinner discs onto the corkscrew pole and spin all the way down. You can choose which colour way you want them to go and the pole is completely removable from its base. This fun interactive toy will have your little ones wanting to do it again, again and again. Will they let them slide down the pole to the base or all the way off the pole?

Shop: Colourful Spinner


Our Bookshelf rotates a total of 360 degrees making it the must have bookshelf this year! It includes 6 baskets (3 on each side) and the centre 3 shelves are are completely accessible from both sides. Made from a durable rubber wood this bookshelf and extremely solid and sturdy. As books come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes, our bookshelf can holds up to 250+ books! But not just books, you can even store your wooden toys on this too. Win, Win Huh? Reading to your child is extremely important in their early years of life. Opening them up to a wide range vocabulary will give them the best start to learning as they grow.

Shop: Bookshelf

Wooden Slide

One of our newest products to hit our store is the Wooden Slide. Designed for indoors in open spaces this sleek looking slide will have your kids running around in circles doing it over and over again! You’ll probably never hear the end of “Mummy, Watch me, Mummy” So we do apologise in advance. Place our slide on our new Memory Foam Playmat for a soft landing. Aesthetically pleasing this slide will turn your toddlers playroom or bedroom into a dream!

Shop: Wooden Slide

Wooden Rainbow

Do you want to build a Rainbow? Our Wooden Rainbow consists of 12 beautiful brightly coloured arches. Simplistic, but she packs a punch! There are so many ways you can stack and balance our Wooden Rainbow which makes it perfect for open ended play. Learn about all the colours of the rainbow, count how many arches you have and let’s get creative!

Shop: Wooden Rainbow

Abstract Building Blocks

Not another building block set.. Yes I know but this one has a cool hidden picture within the whole block set. So take a read.. Our Abstract Building Block Set comes with 23 Wooden Blocks in a variety of sizes. These can be built, stacked and disassembled. But within this puzzle it actually represents 4 elements. A Rainbow, Cave, Water & Fire. This block set makes the perfect addition to small world play incorporating these 4 elements in different scenes. As all the pieces are different shapes and sizes it also makes it the perfect puzzle trying to figure out how to put all the pieces back in place.

Shop: Abstract Building Blocks

Number & Letter Puzzle

Our Number & Letter Puzzle is a great addition to any play room or kindergarten. Puzzles help develop memory skills, problem solving skills test ideas and more. When completing a puzzle children need to remember shapes, colours, positions and strategies to complete them. Our Number and Letter puzzle can be used in many different ways besides just tipping them out and putting them back together. Grab a sensory tray, fill it with rainbow rice and pop all the alphabet pieces in there to search and make up a small word. Our Number puzzle is a great addition to help with simple math equations too as it also includes the -, +, = symbols.

Shop: Number & Letter Puzzle

10. Whiteboard / Blackboard

Our Whiteboard / Blackboard is the perfect 2 in 1 learning tool for your children. It is perfect for tabletop heights and comes with everything you need from Chalk, An Eraser and A Whiteboard Marker. The whiteboard side is also magnetic and it does include 1 sheet of magnetic animals and 1 sheet of magnetic letters and numbers. Learning to spell out small words and then writing them with the whiteboard marker will help get children ready for school. Learning differentiation is incredibly important to children, and using a whiteboard or blackboard makes differentiation easier for them.

Shop: Whiteboard / Blackboard

So there you have it. Our wrap up of our favourite Gift Idea’s For Kids! We hope you enjoyed reading about some of these amazing products and it’s helped you think about what your little one’s may be into now or soon. This is only a selection of items we have to offer here at Jenjo’s so pop onto our website to view the full range.

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