Summer Time Fun

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Summer Time Fun

The weather sure has warmed up and we are here for it! You know what that means… beach weather!! We are so lucky to have some amazing beaches to visit all over Australia. With that being said we’ve decided to come up with a list of our favourite beach games to enjoy with your friends and family.

Giant Beer Pong
You may have heard or seen this game in American style frat movies. You could call it Giant Beach Pong since we aren’t really putting beer into these giant buckets… Or are we? Let’s not get carried away now.. We’ll end up drunk as a skunk! Simply twist these giant buckets into the sand in a triangle formation mirrored about 3m apart. The aim of the game is to stand behind your buckets and throw a ball into the opposite buckets. If it lands in the bucket you score a point OR why not makes things fun and fill them with water to splash the opposing team? The game is lightweight and packs perfectly into a drawstring bag which makes it easy to carry.

Shop: Giant Beer Pong

Our Quoits set comes in 3 different sizes. If we had to recommend a size I’d go with the Giant size. It’s not too big but not too small. Each dowel in the Giant Quoits screw into the cross bar making it super easy to move around with one hand. Our Quoits have a total of 5 posts to aim for with different value’s in points. This game is sure to test out your aim and throwing skills.

Shop: Giant Quoits


Smashball is very similar to Volleyball however like volleyball where you hit that ball over the net you do the opposite and hit the ball AT the net. Hence the name, “Smash Ball” It is super lightweight and easy to set up. It even comes with a hand pump for all 3 balls – winning! The game is mostly played on the beach but you can play it anywhere with a flat surface. Grab a group of friends and let’s get smashed!

Shop: Smashball

Stunt Kites

Let’s go fly a kite, up in the sky it’s bright! Our Stunt Kites have been flying out and about this summer! They come in 3 different two-tone colour ways. Control and watch from below as these stunt kites zip up into the sky.

Shop: Stunt Kites


One of my personal favourites! Scatter is such a fun game which can be enjoyed by multiple players. The aim of the game is to toss the  batten and knock over the pins. Knock 1 pin down and get the number of points on it or knock more than 1 pin down and get the amount of pins you knocked over. First person to exactly 50 wins! This comes packed perfectly into a wooden crate making it easy to take out and about with you.

Shop: Scatter


Frescobol ~ Also known as Beach Paddle Ball originated in rio de Janeiro. Frescobol is an active game that will help with your hand and eye coordination and requires minimal equipment. It includes 2 Bamboo Wooden Bats, 2x Balls and a Black Sleek Storage bag.

Shop: Frescobol

Epic Jenjo

How good are your stacking skills? Simply pull out a wooden block from the stack and place it on the top. Watch as the tower grows almost twice in size (pending stacking skills) before if comes crashing down! Our Jenjo’s come in a range of 6 different sizes.

Shop: Epic Jenjo

Backyard Cricket Set

There is nothing like a good game of cricket down at the beach. Playing an informal version of Beach Cricket down at the beach you can make up the rules as you go, making it an ideal game for the family, friends and frustrated cricketers! Out Cricket Set comes in a storage bag making it easy to take out and about with you. Grab some friends and family and let’s play some ball!

Shop: Backyard Cricket Set

We hope you are enjoying and making the most of this beautiful weather we are experiencing right now in Australia. Let’s make the most of last of the summer school holidays with some outdoor fun and games before school routine comes back into place.

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