Spare Washers Rings – Red & Blue

Spare Washers Rings – Red & Blue


Replacement Red & Blue Washers Rings

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Need a replacement Red or Blue Washers Ring ?

Individual Metal Washers replacement rings – available to select in Red or Blue

Washers is a great game that you can enjoy in your backyard, at parks near you or on a beach day with family and friends. This game is also known as washer pitching, washer toss, washers, huachasa or washoes. The aim of the game is to get the respective washer inside the PVC hole from a distance. The first player or team to reach no more and no less than 21 points wins the game!

How To Play :

This game is similar in many ways to Cornhole game when it comes to scoring and gameplay. To begin with, players stand next to their respective box and to decide who will pitch first. Players throw a washer at the opposite team’s box but whoever throws closer to the box will pitch first.

A player pitches back to back after which the opponent can pitch. The washers that land inside the hole are worth 3 points and washers that land in the bottom of the box are worth 1 point. However, in a particular round only one player or the team can score points. This is because after players throw their washers the difference in points is given to the high player. For instance, player A scored 3 points and player B scored 5 points. Then player B will secure 2 points in that particular round. The first player to reach a total of 21 points wins the ga

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