– 8x Metal Silver Balls (2 Types Of Line Markings)
– 1x White Small Wooden Boules
– 1x Carry Bag
– Recommended Ages: 18+ Years

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Pétanque is a form of boules game.
It is best played on gravel but can also be played on sand or grass.

Our Pétanque set comes in a carry case making it perfect to take out to friends and family gatherings.

While our games are recommended for indoor and outdoor please ensure you bring your games undercover once you’ve finished playing to get the longevity out of them.

How To Play Pétanque:

Pétanque is a very simple game and easy to understand. The aim of this game is to toss or roll hollow steel balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a “jack” while standing inside a circle with both feet on the ground.

You can play Pétanque between two individual players, teams of two or four as well. In a case of two individual players each will each get 4 boules, while for teams of two and four they will get 2 boules each and 1 boule per player respectively.

To decide who will go first, players can do this with a simple coin toss. Once the decision is made, the player or any member from the team will stand in the circle and toss the wooden boule “jack”. In Pétanque, players can throw it in any direction. Similarly, the players have to toss their boules and try to have it land as close as possible to the small wooden jack.

Likewise, each player will toss their boules close to small wooden jack or try to hit opponent’s boules to steer them away from it. In Pétanque the individual or team having their boules closest to the small wooden jack wins the round. The player or team to reach a grand total of 13 points wins the game.

Dispatch and Shipping:

Unfortunately our courier drivers do not deliver to P.O Boxes. If you have an alternative address like an office or workplace we can deliver to this would make the process of dispatch run smoothly.

For any queries please feel free to Contact us.

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