Kinder Pack


The Kinder Pack includes the following items:

  • ClimbA frame
  • Cube
  • Ladder

Each product included in the Kinder Pack is very easy to assemble and made with high quality hardwood, so you can sure about their durability and quality.



ClimbA – Height: 80cm x Length: 82cm x Width: 82cm

Cube – Length: 61cm x Width: 60cm x Height: 61cm

Ladder – Length: 120cm x Width: 38cm

Recommended for Ages 3+


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The Ultimate Kinder Pack for Endless Play and Development

The Kinder Pack is not just a collection of play equipment, it’s a gateway to endless joy and excitement for your children! This thrilling pack is bound to be a huge hit with your little ones, offering them hours of playtime fun and keeping them engrossed as they learn and evolve.

About Our Premium Play Equipment for Active and Engaged Kids

It is crucial to create an environment where toddlers can explore their abilities and develop essential skills. With the Kinder Pack, your child will enhance their coordination, balance, agility, and fine motor skills, all while having fun and using their imaginations. This pack is perfect for active kids, with each product designed to help strengthen the muscles in their back, arms, and legs as they play and explore.

The Kinder Pack includes the following items:
– ClimbA Frame
– Cube
– Ladder

Each product in the Kinder Pack is easy to assemble and made with high-quality hardwood, ensuring durability and long-lasting use. You can be confident in the quality and safety of these toys, built to withstand the rigors of active play.

The ClimbA Frame, with 72cm x Length: 82cm x Width: 82cm, is ideal for climbing and imaginative play, providing a versatile piece of equipment that encourages physical activity and creativity. The Cube, measuring Length 61cm x Width 60cm x Height 61cm, offers a compact and sturdy structure for various play scenarios, promoting spatial awareness and problem-solving skills. The Ladder, with dimensions of Length: 120cm x Width: 38cm, is an excellent tool for developing strength and coordination, making it a fantastic addition to any play space.

Recommended for ages 3 and up, the Kinder Pack is a versatile and engaging addition to any playroom. By incorporating these play equipment toys into your child’s routine, you are fostering an environment that supports their physical, cognitive, and social development. Watch as they grow more confident in their abilities and enjoy countless hours of imaginative and active play. The Kinder Pack is not just a set of toys; it’s an investment in your child’s overall development and happiness.

Safety information: 

Our climbing equipment should always be placed on a soft but sturdy play surface such as carpet, never use on hard ground or concrete. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, but should be kept dry and protected from the weather.

Never leave your children unsupervised when playing. Always be within a safe distance to assist them if required.

Dispatch and Shipping:

Unfortunately our courier drivers do not deliver to P.O Boxes. If you have an alternative address like an office or workplace we can deliver to this would make the process of dispatch run smoothly.

For any queries please feel free to Contact us.


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