Enlightenment Puzzle – Alphabet


26 Wooden Letters

50 Puzzle Pieces
Measures: 692 x 275mm
Recommended Ages: 4+

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Enlightenment Puzzle – Alphabet: A Comprehensive Early Learning Tool

The Early Education Insert Board and Story Puzzle 2-in-1, known as the “Enlightenment Puzzle – Alphabet,” is not just a learning tool, but a gateway to joyous learning for young children. This product is designed to make early education a fun-filled journey, offering a variety of learning methods through play.

About Our Puzzle: Foster Early Education and Parent-Child Interaction with Versatile, Engaging Play

The puzzle surface is ingeniously designed with grooves, allowing for the easy placement of number and letter particles. These grooves ensure the pieces stay in place, helping children learn and recognize numbers and letters more effectively. In addition to the grooves, the puzzle includes soft magnetic sheets that can be attached to the particles. This feature transforms the puzzle pieces into fridge magnets, extending the learning experience beyond the puzzle board and into your home’s everyday environment.

The “Enlightenment Puzzle”—Alphabet adopts a multi-scenario approach to early education, incorporating various elements such as numbers, letters, and time recognition. This diverse approach helps build a solid educational foundation for young learners. The product’s high-quality, book-level illustrations are crafted to enhance your child’s aesthetic awareness. These visually appealing illustrations are not only engaging but also stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity.

The Enlightenment Puzzle-Alphabet is not just a puzzle; it’s a tool that fosters parent-child interaction. It provides an excellent opportunity for parents to engage with their children in educational play. As parents and children work together to place the pieces and recognize the numbers and letters, they can bond, have fun, and share moments of relaxation. This interactive play not only supports the child’s learning but also allows parents to play an active role in their educational development, making it a valuable addition to any home.

The Enlightenment Puzzle – Alphabet is more than just a puzzle; it’s a comprehensive educational tool. It combines play with learning, encouraging children to explore, recognize, and understand basic educational concepts. It also provides a platform for parents to support and participate in their child’s early learning journey. With its durable design and educational value, this product is an essential addition to any home with young children and a valuable resource for educators and individuals interested in early childhood education.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 9 cm


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