Chessboard Vinyl Set


– 1x Chessboard Vinyl
– 32x Wooden Chess Pieces
– 2x Kings
– 2x Queens
– 4x Rooks
– 4x Bishops
– 4x Knights
– 16x pawns
– Green Felt Base
– Rules included

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Portable Chessboard Vinyl for On-the-Go Competition

Our Chessboard Vinyl is not just portable, it’s a reliable companion. Crafted from durable vinyl material, this chessboard is lightweight and resilient, capable of withstanding various outdoor and indoor settings without compromising on performance. Roll it up and take it anywhere with ease, knowing that it’s built to last and provide endless hours of chess enjoyment.

About Our Versatile Portable Chessboard Vinyl

One of the standout features of our Chessboard Vinyl is its integration of algebraic notation. This innovative addition simplifies the recording of moves during gameplay, whether you’re a seasoned strategist or a novice learning the game. By making notation a breeze, this feature enhances your overall chess experience, allowing for easy game tracking and review. This, in turn, promotes continuous improvement and strategic development, making our Chessboard Vinyl a must-have for all chess enthusiasts.

Our Chessboard Vinyl is a true chameleon, adapting to various occasions with ease. From casual gatherings in the backyard to formal events like weddings and parties, it’s the perfect companion. Its compact design allows you to set up a game virtually anywhere, transforming any space into a chess arena in moments. Whether enjoying a leisurely game with friends or engaging in competitive play, our Chessboard Vinyl ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience every time.

Our Chessboard Vinyl’s roll-up design is a testament to convenience. After a game, simply roll it up and stow it away in its compact form, ready for your next chess adventure. This effortless storage and transport solution ensures that you can focus on the game and not worry about the logistics. Whether indoors or outdoors, our Chessboard Vinyl guarantees durability, functionality, and endless enjoyment for chess enthusiasts of all levels.

Dispatch and Shipping:

Unfortunately our courier drivers do not deliver to P.O Box addresses, so if you have an alternative address like an office or workplace we can deliver to this would make the process run smoothly.

For any queries please feel free to Contact us.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 53 × 9 × 9 cm


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