Calm Down Bottle


1 Calm Down Bottle 25cm x 5cm
1 Glitter Pack
1 Instruction Manual

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Calm Down Bottle: Promoting Relaxation and Focus

The Calm Down Bottle, an award-winning DIY product, stands out with its unique sensory experience. It’s designed to promote relaxation and focus for children, offering all the creative elements needed to create a personalized sensory bottle. With a simple addition of water, it’s ready to use. But it doesn’t stop there. This innovative product is not a one-time-use item; it’s refillable and reusable, providing endless creative options and customization.

About Our Dedication to Creating Calmness and Encouraging Creativity

Ideal for focused and calm play, the Calm Down Bottle is utilized by parents, teachers, and therapists alike to help children self-regulate their emotions and attention. As children observe the swirling contents and interact with the bottle, they engage in a hands-on sensory journey that encourages mindfulness and a sense of calm. The sparkly elements and different textures on the silicone caps provide additional sensory stimulation, calming and engaging the experience.

The Calm Down Bottle is a valuable tool for children who benefit from sensory input to manage stress or anxiety. Its visual and tactile distraction helps redirect attention and promotes self-soothing techniques. Whether used at home, in a classroom, or during therapy sessions, the Calm Down Bottle’s adaptability supports children in developing coping strategies and emotional regulation skills, instilling confidence in its versatility.

When it comes to the Calm Down Bottle, safety and quality are paramount. It’s designed to meet high standards for child-friendly materials and durability, ensuring a reliable and safe product for your child. Its reusable design not only encourages sustainability but also allows for continuous use in various settings where a moment of calm and focus is beneficial.

In conclusion, the Calm Down Bottle goes beyond being a sensory toy—it’s a tool that supports emotional well-being and mindfulness in children. Providing a calming sensory experience helps create a peaceful environment where children can relax, refocus, and develop essential self-regulation skills.

Safety Tested: Successfully tested for Australian & NZ safety standards

AS/ NZS ISO 8124.1
AS/ NZS ISO 8124.2
AS/ NZS ISO 8124.3

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