Block Crayons


Includes 9 Block Crayons
Measures Approx: 18cm x 17.5cm x 3cm
Recommended Ages: 3+

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Discover Eco-Friendly Inspiration: Introducing Our Block Crayons

Introducing our new eco-friendly Block Crayons, an ideal addition to any young artist’s toolkit. These crayons are meticulously fashioned using sustainably sourced materials, ensuring each piece embodies our commitment to environmental responsibility. With a smooth and creamy texture, they glide effortlessly across the paper, enhancing the joy of colouring while minimizing the ecological footprint left behind.

About Our Sustainable Approach to Vibrant Artistic Expression

Unlike traditional wax crayons, our eco-friendly alternative harnesses the natural properties of beeswax, offering a safer and more sustainable option for creative expression. Beeswax, known for its non-toxic nature, provides a vibrant colour palette that captivates young imaginations without worrying about harmful additives. Each crayon is designed to be sturdy yet soft, allowing for easy application and blending, making every colouring session a delightful and safe experience.

At our core, we prioritize sustainability without compromising on quality. By choosing beeswax, we support preserving bee populations crucial for pollination and promoting biodiversity and ecological balance. Our crayons are free from paraffin wax and synthetic dyes, ensuring they are biodegradable and safe for children and the environment. With each purchase, you’re not just getting a quality product, but also contributing to a greener future.

Perfect for home, school, or art projects, our eco-friendly crayons encourage creativity while instilling a sense of responsibility towards the planet. Whether colouring a vibrant landscape or creating imaginative scenes, children can confidently explore their artistic talents, knowing they are using crayons that are natural and kind to the Earth.

Join us in embracing sustainable practices through our beeswax crayons, where creativity meets environmental stewardship. Let every stroke of colour be a step towards a brighter, greener future for the next generation.

Safety Tested: Successfully tested for Australian & NZ safety standards

AS/NZS 8124.1
AS/NZS 8124.2
AS/NZS 8124.3

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