Jenjo Packs – The Best Bundle of Play Equipment for Kids

Jenjo Packs - The Best Bundle of Play Equipment for Kids | Jenjo Games

Jenjo Packs – The Best Bundle of Play Equipment for Kids

One of the most joyful moments in a parents life is watching their children play, laugh and run around. But some might not realise that playtime for kids can help them with overall physical development as well as in developing life essential skills. Today, more and more schools are embracing the idea of having customised play equipment for children in their play area. While this is happening, we at Jenjo Games have designed the best bundle of play equipment for kids aka Jenjo Packs by Jenjo Games!

These Jenjo Packs will be the perfect addition to any children’s play area, lawn and backyard. Get your dream at home play equipment set up for less, available exclusively at Jenjo Games. Each product in Jenjo Pack can help children to strengthen their muscles, grip and more.

Jenjo Packs for Kids:

1. Playroom Pack:

The playroom pack is a huge hit among children as it can create hours of playtime fun. It can keep kids engaged for hours and also enables you to build an environment where the young ones at home can explore their abilities and new skills as they grow.

The Playroom Pack includes play equipment like ClimbA, Cube and Rock-Climbing Frame. These games can help in developing muscle strength in your child’s arms, back and legs.

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2. Kinder Pack:

The kinder pack is the ultimate collection of play equipment for children that can provide them endless hours of fun. It encourages kids to use their imagination and also helps them to enhance their physical strength, fine motor skills and balance. The kinder pack includes ClimbA, Cube and Play Ladder.

This Jenjo Pack is perfect for helping kids explore new their abilities as they learn and grow.

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3. Fun Pack:

This Jenjo Pack will keep your kids entertained for hours while also keeping them active throughout play. Children can indulge themselves in imaginative play along with improving agility, coordination and balance. The fun pack includes play equipment for children like Arch, Play Ladder and Wobble Board.

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4. Kids Monster Pack:

Kids monster pack is a very popular Jenjo Pack which contains huge collection of different but unique play equipment for young children.

This Jenjo Pack is perfect for building an environment for the young ones to keep them active, engaged and to burn some energy. They can help children with overall physical development too. It includes items like ClimbA, Play Ladder, Cube, Wobble Board, Arch, See Saw and Rock-Climbing Frame.

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5. Rainbow Pack:

The rainbow pack is an amazing collection of open-ended toys for kids that provides variety of learning experience. It includes toys like Wooden Rainbow, Rainbow Wooden Planks, and Natural Semi-Circles & Rainbow Balls. This Jenjo Pack would help children to learn about colours, shapes and different sizes. It also promotes imaginative play as children can build towers, tracks and various other structures.

You will be surprised to see them paly in ways you never imagined!

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The wooden play equipment included in Jenjo Pack are tools that can help kids grow while having the best of fun. Each product included in the Jenjo Packs are very easy to assemble and made with high quality hardwood. So, you need not worry about the quality and durability of these products.

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