Jenjo Games Charity & Donations

Jenjo Games Charity & Donations

Jenjo Games Charity & Donations

Where has Jenjo Games Been Charity / Donations?

Jenjo Games have always produced the best games for all ages and successfully brought many families and friends together. Games which are perfect for parties, gatherings, social events, birthdays & family game nights have brought nothing but smiles. Perhaps, many have created amazing memories with their loved ones, that shall remain treasured for a lifetime. At Jenjo Games charity, we not only believe in bringing each member of the community together but also in giving back to the society.

Over the years, Jenjo Games charity work has made donation to many organisations/NGO’s in Australia. Every year we actively participate by donating to the following institutes.

Jenjo Games Charity Institutes:

Cancer Council:

Cancer council society formerly known as Australian cancer society is a federal body that promotes cancer control at a national level. The primary role of this federal body is to develop independent national cancer control policy. While the state and territory Cancer Councils undertake most of the organisation’s research, patient support and education programs.

Cancer council supports people affected by cancer and speak on the behalf of the community on cancer issues, find better and new ways to detect and treat cancer. As well as empower people to reduce their risk of cancer.

Leukaemia Foundation:

Leukaemia foundation provides free blood cancer information and education for people living with blood cancer in Australia. Which is helps people make informed decision about their treatment and care.

Sleep at the G:

Sleep at the G focuses on youth homelessness issues and by expanding accommodation to end the cycle of homelessness before it becomes entrenched.

Camp Quality:

Camp quality gives kids facing cancer a chance to have positive memories and to be kids again. Their services and programs are specifically designed to help kids who are dealing with their diagnosis. Camp quality also helps kids dealing with diagnosis of their loved ones from family.

Everyone is aware about the diagnostic process, which can be harsh on patient as well as for their near and dear ones. However, camp quality always provides opportunities to laugh and help kids to get through their daily ups and downs.


Headspace addresses to the critical gap present among the young people who are failing to get an access to proper mental health support. It is considered that more that 75% of mental health issues develop before a person turns 25. Through their programs and services, Headspace provides support at crucial times in their lives. Helping them to get back on track and to strengthen their ability to manage their mental health in future.

Jenjo Games will be always committed to make our society a better place to live. And shall extend our support to causes that focuses on making peoples lives better, brighter and happier!

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