Hire Lawn Games for Party, Wedding & Yard Games!

Hire Lawn Games for Party, Wedding & Yard Games!

Lawn Games are a special and exciting way to entertain and bring people together.

Whether you need a solution to entertain your guests between your wedding ceremony and reception or you are just looking for a way to add some fun to an engagement party, birthday or corporate event. Our lawn games are sure to wow.

We have had the pleasure of hiring hundreds of customers lawn games and we always get the same feedback. “Everyone had some much fun with the games”. The wonderful thing about many of our games is that even if it rains they can be taken inside and enjoyed, So they really are the main plan and the back-up plan, meaning you don’t need to be stressed if it does rain.


Parties are always a lot of fun but there often gets to that time of the party where the chat lulls and the drinks flow a bit more slowly. Party games are the excellent way to stop this from happening, just have one of our many games set up and your guests are assured to be entertained.


Sometimes people desire every aspect of their wedding ceremony to count and we know that. Organizing a classic inspired wedding can be challenging and getting the details right isn’t always simple, especially with enjoyment. Luckily, our classic inspired and designed games make sure that your wedding is energetic and enjoyable whilst still keeping the concept close to heart.


For those occasions with a bit more space, lawn games are the great way to present something fun and exclusive. Whether it’s cornhole, adult croquet or other giant games you’re sure to find something that will keep visitors laughing throughout the party and make an impression on everyone.

How to book lawn games for your upcoming party, wedding ceremony or any other event?

Click the button below and you will be taken to our “Hire Games” page where you can find out what packages/lawn games are available and secure your booking. Otherwise, just send us an email to jenjogames@gmail.com or call us on 0421 442 338 if you prefer.

Please note that many of our packages book out 1-2 months in advance so be sure to book early.

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