Happy Mother’s Day by Jenjo Games

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Happy Mother’s Day by Jenjo Games

Becoming a mum is the most challenging and yet most rewarding job in the world. You can never prepare yourself enough for this journey and you will never know it all. You can read all the books and blogs in the world to try and picture how you will be as a mother but as soon as that little bundle arrives it all goes out the window.

The day you become a mother you realise it’s not about you anymore, it’s about them. As soon as they are born you look at them laying the bassinet thinking “I never knew I could love someone so much until they came along.” Let’s not forget the happy tears saying “I can’t believe we made him/her!”

Us mums work around the clock. Whether we have an office job, are self employed or stay at home. The workload never stops. We are always trying our best to provide the best life we can for our little ones that we adore so much (even when they can be annoying AF). Let’s be real.

Motherhood is exhausting beyond imagination. It’s full of ups and downs, you may loose your identity and your memory #mumbrain. Oh and let’s not forget to say goodbye to personal space and a good nights sleep!

But the good definitely outweighs the exhausting emotional days. You will learn patience whether you are patient by nature or not. You will feel a love so strong that you have never experienced before. You will feel proud watching them grow into their own little individual person.
Did I mention superpowers? You know the ones where you can multitask where you have a million things on your mind, while cooking dinner with a baby in 1 arm and doing your child’s homework with the other plus functioning on only 4hrs sleep? If you are reading this. YOU’VE GOT THIS!

It really makes you realise how much we appreciate our own mums and everything they did for us when we were growing up. Whether we appreciated it at the time of not. They are the ones who have helped shape us into who we are today.

So today we celebrate the Mums, Mums to Be, Step mums, Foster Mums, Mums in heaven, Grandma’s and Nana’s.

We appreciate you and everything you do.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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