Happy Father’s Day by Jenjo Games

Happy Father’s Day by Jenjo Games

Father’s day (just like mother’s and children’s day) is a day celebrated annually to honor, appreciate, acknowledge and thank fathers and father figures for their immense contributions towards the lives of their children.

Unlike mother’s and children’s day, Father’s day is often not too recognized, maybe because of the usual reserved nature of the fathers or probably their not too much of the show off kind of beings.

It’s often notably seen that, anytime mothers and children celebrate their days, fathers go extra miles trying to make everyone concerned happy; from buying them surprising gifts, to taking the whole family out for sight seeing and/or all round pleasures. But when its fathers turn, little or nothing is done for them, instead, they(fathers) happens to be the ones still spending and gifting to others in the family.

Not to be so. There has to be a change.

As long as there remains a lot to be done for the family, the fathers needs so much appreciations and recognitions too on their special day for so much of their works well done.

Its high time we (children) started making the most use of fathers day to tell our fathers how much we love them, and how much they mean to us.

It was William Shakespeare who said “When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.”

Its not untrue that fathers have little or no time to play with their children on a very normal day. Yes!, yet there remains so much of games that our fathers can’t say no to, if presented to them as Father’s day’s gift. Such games will bring them closer to home and present avenues to relate and interact with them more.

Some of this games include but not limited to;

1. Chess & Checkers:

Chess game is of great importance to the life of it’s players. It exercises both sides of the brain, builds self-confidence, and improves the thinking and problem-solving skills.

This game is highly recommended for fathers whose professions (doctors, architects, psychologists, some fields of engineering, etc) involve much of brain activities. It’s a game for the disciplined.

Chess is equally good for memory build, as to knowing the names of each officer, recruit, their movements and how they strike.

Checkers is similar to chess game, as it is played by two partners, requiring almost every of the skills and tactics in both. However, checkers helps adults keep agile minds. The more one plays, the more you improve and learn to trust your decisions. In this game, for any impulsive move , there is consequence. It’s a game of confidence, highly recommended for professions that play role in decisions making; lawyers, judges, doctors, heads of department of companies.

2.  Petanque:

To understand petanque, one has to understand boule advantage, it’s a game of team work(the team with the most unplayed boules has “the boule advantage” or simply “the advantage). One of the highest priorities should be NOT to give up the boule advantage. Its also known as a “point and shoot game “. For fathers who work more in cooperatives, organisations and companies whose level of profits and success depends on team work and every team members contributions, petanque is a sure game to be considered.

3. Bocce Resin Ball

Bocce is more of a game of precision and carefulness. It requires skills of aiming and shooting correctly at the target. It’s a game of patience and time. Wouldn’t be bad for fathers whose works involve so much of patience with lots of carefulness like the surgeons.

4. Backgammon:

One of the oldest board games known. Compared to other board games, backgammon has a lower degree of complexity which is to say that it does not take much for one to have a full grasp of the game’s essentials. It is a game of backward never, forward ever. It creates the power of not going backwards in life, the spirit of not loosing focus, despite what the challenges might be. Children who have seen their fathers pursue a particular course/goal over a long time, yet facing great hurdles on the way, can present this to their fathers.

It is very great for intensive planning before execution, to avoid loosing big for little(Determining how far one’s pieces move is simply done by looking at the values of the rolled dice).

5. Magnetic Bottle Opener:

Just as the name, it is a bottle opener you attach on your wall and as you open beer bottles, a magnet catches the bottle caps as they drop and gather on the mount until you dispose of them.

This is one gift that can be given to a father on a day like this that he or his friends won’t forget in a hurry.

The Opener (Wall-mounted and magnetically-mounted) has hidden magnetic catch that holds way beyond 60bottle caps. Some fathers have so much of friends that come around them to gist and have pleasures in house. Politicians and consultants most of the times have meetings at homes where so much of drinks are brought down the throat. The magnetic opener does the wonders of keeping the room neat, organized and clean after use.

The beauty if it all is that in all these games listed above( and more) the children will become freer with their fathers and same with the fathers, as both parties play this games together.

It will create more serious bond and powerful relationship between fathers and sons.

The much feared aspect of children not being close to their fathers, will be cleared as they both play, laugh and enjoy the games more like friends.

It’s my wish that we celebrate our fathers in a more unique way this time than allow them celebrate us and celebrate themselves.

 I’ve said it before, but it’s absolutely true: My mother gave me my drive, but my father gave me my dreams. Thanks to him, I could see a future.”

– Liza Minnelli

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