Games for Family Fun on Christmas Day

Games for Family Fun on Christmas Day

Games for Family Fun on Christmas Day

Naughty or nice, everyone loves playing games on Christmas day. Especially for some families, it could feel like a marathon of the day. Opening presents, cooking, and enjoying a delicious feast with the loved ones, but once you have finished the desert. You still have to need to occupy family members and other guests. Family fun on Christmas day is incomplete without playing games. It’s not only a great way to break the ice but also allows everyone to create memories that would last for a lifetime!

At Jenjo Games, we have amazing games for family fun on Christmas day. They’re perfect for engaging your family and friends in a casual competition as well as to keep the post-holiday boredom away.

1. Cornhole:

Cornhole game or corn toss is a simple sport and an awesome game for hundreds of reasons. Children and adults enjoy this game alike. Cornhole games are a test of skill, aim, and strength. Some of you might have this game at some point. But it doesn’t matter if you are great or terrible at playing Cornhole.

The ultimate point is to have fun throwing a few bean bags around. You can be creative and make this game into a challenge for family fun on Christmas day.

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2. Jumbo Jenjo:

Jumbo Jenjo is an amazing game based on the simple idea of stacking and moving wooden blocks built into a tower. You might be familiar with the concept but this giant version of Jumbo Jenjo can reach higher heights. It includes 54 hand-crafted and individually sanded wooden blocks to make play splinter-free and safe. You can easily get them from our website and every purchase of Jumbo Jenjo comes with an exciting set of drinking/activity games.

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3. Snakes Dots & Ladders:

We all remember having fun while playing snakes and ladder as kids, right? Well, now it’s time to have extra family fun on Christmas day with a giant version of Snakes Dots & Ladder. Find dots game on one side and Snakes & Ladders on the other side i.e., two amazing games in one! These games are perfect for encouraging all to have a great time outdoors. It’s very easy to set up and when you get bored with one game then, you can switch sides to play a completely different game!

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4. Family Croquet:

Croquet is an engaging backyard game and perfect for outdoor activities. It is enjoyed by many people around the world because it’s perfect for all ages. There are different variants of the Croquet game and if you can add some house rules then, it will make the game more fun. Also, playing Croquet in the backyard with family and friends is an interesting way to get everyone outdoors for some physical activity.

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5. Giant Hookey:

Giant Hookey is an Australian traditional game and perfect for family fun on Christmas day. It’s also a great educational game for kids as it can teach them various math concepts. Children can learn about counting numbers, addition, and subtractions while having the best of fun. Giant hookey is an amazing game to have at home. It’s easy to set up and you can have an endless amount of entertainment with everyone.

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6. Mega Quoits:

Quoits is an ancient game with rich history and it’s always fun to play with family or friends. Basically, in Quoits game, players throw a ring over a spike from a pre-determined distance. There are numerous variations of this game but they generally follow the same basic principles. Mega Quoits, as the name suggests is the giant version made for having great outdoor fun. If you haven’t played this game before then, it’s time to give this awesome game a try on Christmas day.

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7. Horseshoes Game:

The horseshoes game becomes more fun when there’s a bit of healthy competition. It’s a game that the whole family can enjoy and it doesn’t require a lot of place or equipment to get started. The rules are simple and even kids can enjoy playing this game as there’s less risk of anyone getting hurt by accident. Also, there’s no need for running, and nor does it involve a lot of movement. This makes it a perfect game to play on Christmas day with an older generation.

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8. Kubb:

Kubb is a simple yet addictive outdoor game just like Cornhole. You can either play as teams or friendly tournament with family members and friends. The rules are super easy and even kids can enjoy playing this battle game. If you have a large family or there’s a huge gathering on Christmas day then, try out the Kubb game. We are sure you will have the best time with everyone as well as create memories.

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9. Scatter:

Scatter game, also known as Molkky is an outdoor game that can provide hours of playtime and fun. It’s a unique game that involves skills and strategy. It can also be an amazing educational game for young kids to develop math skills while having fun at the same time. At Jenjo Games, you can get Scatter game in hardwood and pine. Just like Kubb, the Scatter game is perfect for large families or gatherings, especially on Christmas day.

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We hope this list of games for a family fun on Christmas day has helped you. At Jenjo Games, you’ll find many such amazing indoor games, outdoor games, and play equipment for children. Feel free to check out All Games to save yourself some time from last-minute shopping during this holiday season!

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