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School shouldn’t be the only place of learning activities for kids. When children are home or still too young to attend school, they are learning through play. To make learning fun for toddlers through to primary aged kids, parents can utilise a combination of different open-ended toys and educational games. Children can be more sensitive to colors and when everything is rainbow, they can use their senses to facilitate communication with their environment. The sense of sight together with light and colour plays an important role in the development of their cognitive and motor skills.

At Jenjo Games, we have a wide range of games and toys that can help children to develop fine motor skills, gross motor skills and encourage imaginative play. Open ended toys like these are perfect for making learning fun for kids. It can teach them about numbers, colours, shapes, sizes, counting and promotes overall physical development.

Since there are so many games, toys and play equipment for children. We have shared a list of our top rainbow toys. These colourful educational games are not only visually appealing but also can keep them engaged for hours. Some of these toys are great for sensory activities. Read on to find out more!

Everything Rainbow Toys and Games:

Wooden Rainbow:

The Wooden rainbow is designed for hours of fun and offers a great learning experience for children. These large rainbow stacking arches can spark a child’s imagination by providing endless play opportunities. The wooden rainbow can be stacked and balanced in numerous ways. Kids can spread out these wooden arches to build a bridge, house or tunnel. There’s no limit to learning as it always promotes creative play.

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Rainbow Wooden Planks:

The Rainbow Wooden Planks are great addition to any toy collection. We all know the importance of open-ended toys for a child’s development. They can be easily complimented with other toys by Jenjo Games to provide young one’s hours of fun and learning. Kids can explore different and unique learning experiences while having fun building race tracks, ramps, balancing and stacking these colourful wooden planks.

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Rainbow Jenjo:

The Rainbow Jenjo is an Australian designed wooden game that is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities. Children can enjoy playing this game at a park, camping or in the backyard. It’s played just like the traditional games and promotes logical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving and hand eye coordination. The Rainbow Jenjo blocks are hand crafted and individually sanded to create a smooth finish.

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Rainbow Stacker and Teether Toy:

The Rainbow Stacker and Teether Toy is the ultimate multipurpose toy that not only feeds the love for kids soothe on while teething but is also a perfect sensory toy. Children can learn to identify the different colours and sizes of the silicon rings. They can develop hand eye coordination, creative thinking and problem-solving skills while stacking the rings in order back together. This rainbow-coloured stacker is a must have for all little ones.

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Wooden Marble Tree:

The Wooden Marble Tree by Jenjo Games is great for children to engage their senses. It promotes fun learning and development of essential senses. Children can enhance their auditory skills and hand eye coordination. When the wooden marbles are rolling down the wooden tree, it produces wonderful sounds and musical tones. It’s an amazing sensory toy for kids that not only looks beautiful but sounds beautiful too.

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Xylophone with Wooden Mallets:

Xylophones as we all know is a great sensory toy for kids to help them develop creativity and to boost their sensory development. The xylophone can produce a soft and pleasant sounds when struck with the wooden mallets. The bright rainbow colours make this toy visually more appealing to children.

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Toy Playhouse:

The Toy Playhouse can help the young ones in developing intelligence. It also promotes fine motor skills and gross motor skills. It is an amazing educational toy that teaches children about numbers, colours, letters as well as different shapes and sizes. Toy playhouse can make learning enjoyable for children and can keep then occupied for hours. It even encourages imaginative play and will be a great addition to any play room.

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Giant Wooden Rainmaker Rattle:

The Rainmaker is a fun toy for children, it allows them to relax when playing and listening to the soothing sounds of rain. Young children can easily roll, push and turn the rattle to be mesmerised by the colourful rainbow balls falling through each level while it creates the symbolic sound of rain. The Giant Wooden Rainmaker Rattle will provide kids with hours of fun. It can even enhance their hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and auditory skills.

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Number Letter Puzzles:

The Number letter puzzles are a great educational toy for children. It can teach them about letter recognition, words, numbers and different colours. It’s a great gift for the little ones and can make learning fun. These Number Letter Puzzles can increase their visual awareness as well as challenge their thinking ability.

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