End of Financial Year Sales 2020! – Use Coupon Code “EOFY2020”

End of Financial Year Sales 2020! – Use Coupon Code “EOFY2020”

One of the favourite times of year is now on – the End of Financial Year sales 2020! Where all businesses try to move as much stock as possible before closing their books for the year.


We have a warehouse TOO FULL of lawn games and we need to clear a massive amount of stock. All this month, get 10% flat discount on all games, also up to 30% off on selected Jenjo Games. This is the best place to buy great lawn games in Australia & New Zealand – our end of financial year sale only happens once a year so buy now and grab this amazing deal!!

1. ClimbA – Save 10% (Coupon: EOFY2020)

ClimbA is the ultimate climbing play equipment for toddlers. It is made out of high-quality hardwood and offers long term durability and stability. You can easily store and assemble ClimbA in few minutes without any trouble. It comes with a Hex key and you won’t require any other tool to assemble this climbing equipment.

2. Children’s Cube – Save 30% (Coupon: CUBE30)

Children’s cube is the perfect toy for toddlers to keep them entertained for hours. It is a great way to keep children active as they grow. Children’s cube is made out of high quality wood and is designed to last for a very long time.

3. Children’s Piano – Save 10% (Coupon: EOFY2020)

The Children’s Piano is designed to encourage the very young to play and develop a love of music. The Kids Piano is perfect for beginners and is a great musical toy instrument for both learning and fun.

4. Number Letter Puzzles – Save 10% (Coupon: EOFY2020)

Number Letter Puzzles is a beautiful wooden toy and a great educational tool to teach little ones about counting, colours and words. It can be a perfect gift for a child that has been proven to be very beneficial for them as well. Number Letter Puzzle toy is made out of high quality wood materials and will last for a very long time.

5. Toy Playhouse – Save 10%  (Coupon: EOFY2020)

Toy Playhouse is not only fun, but also helps in developing intelligence of kids while they play with it. It can also play a vital role in the development of fine and gross motor skills, problem solving, creativity and imaginative skills. Kids learn and grow while they enjoy playing with this bright colourful toy. Toy playhouse is a great way to make learning enjoyable and keeps children occupied for a long time.

6. White Board / Black Board – Save 10% (Coupon: EOFY2020)

The White Board / Black Board is a two-sided easel that features a magnetic board on one side and a chalkboard on the other, giving your child a variety of options and hours of creative fun. This product is suitable for kids between the ages of 2 – 6 years old.

7. Mini 4 – Save 10% (Coupon: EOFY2020)

Mini 4 is a classic game of skills and strategy that is fun to play with family and friends in the backyard, beach, local park, corporate event or at a wedding. Wherever you take the Mini 4 expect a WOW factor from all your guests!

8. Xylophone – Save 10% (Coupon: EOFY2020)

Xylophone with Wooden Mallets is perfect for kids as it will keep them occupied for a long time. The sound of music easily entertains them and also help them to develop various senses.

9. Mini Jenjo – Save 10% (Coupon: EOFY2020)

Mini Jenjo is a great family game and perfect for outdoor or indoor activities. High quality wood is used to make the blocks of Mini Jenjo. So, you can be sure about the quality and durability of this game.

10. Abacus – Save 10% (Coupon: EOFY2020)

Abacus is a beautiful toy which is also an amazing learning tool for kids. It is a great way to teach little ones about colours, counting and patterns. The brightly coloured wooden beads slide back and forth very smoothly on the wooden rods. Abacus can also help the child to develop intellectual and motor skills.

Save on the above games on this End of the Financial Year Sales!

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