Classic Board Games for Everyone

Classic Board Games for Everyone

Classic Board Games for Everyone

Who doesn’t love a classic board game? Playing board games is an fun and entertaining way to spend quality time with your family and friends. Especially during the chilly winter season or on rainy days where you can’t really go outdoors. Whether you have a regularly scheduled game night or maybe you just love playing board games occasionally, there is a board game for everyone! With strategy games and educational games, two player games and multi-player games, there are many options to choose from at Jenjo Games that can turn any boring day into a fun family activity at home.

At Jenjo Games, we love Giant games! That’s why we have made many of your family favourite board games in Giant size to maximise your fun! These giant board games are not only great for at home, but are also perfect for events such as birthday parties, weddings, family reunions and many other occasions.

Whether you want to try something new or prefer classic board games, we have them all! Be sure to check out our must have list of board games below. These games are ideal for all ages and perfect for you to buy for your next family game night!

Indoor Board Games:

  1. Carrom Standard/Carrom Championship:

Carrom is an amazing board game that doesn’t require much setup and can be played with up to four players. It is one of those rare board games that allows you to play in teams of two (doubles) or as an individual player. The best thing about this indoor board game is that there are numerous ways you can play this game. Other than the traditional way, you can enjoy this game for years to come. If you haven’t played this game before, then check out our how to play section in Carrom or Carrom Championship set.

Shop for Carrom or Carrom Championship Set.

  1. Crokinole:

Crokinole is fun indoor board game that is similar to Carrom and Shuffle Puck. It can be played between two to four players and doesn’t require much setup. It’s one of the most popular games across all ages as it allows everyone to enjoy a bit of friendly competition. This makes Crokinole the perfect game for family game nights, indoor parties or social gatherings of friends and family members.

Shop for Crokinole.

  1. Chess & Checkers:

Chess and Checkers are two strategic board games that can help in developing intelligence, focus, creative thinking and more. It is said that everyone should play games like these as they are not only fun, but also can be a great exercise for the mind. The Chess and Checkers set at Jenjo Games comes with drawer compartments where you can store all the pieces; allowing you to play Chess and Checkers whenever you want.

Shop for Chess & Checkers.


Giant Version of Classic Board Games:

  1. Giant Solitaire & Chinese Checkers:

The Giant Solitaire and Chinese Checkers set has a giant double sided wooden game board that gives you two brilliant games in one. The best thing is that you can play this game with up to six players. Try having this game at your next indoor party or family reunion. You can be sure about having a great time with everyone. The Giant Solitaire & Chinese Checkers game set by Jenjo Games is made from high quality wood so this classic game will be sure to last for a very long time.

Shop for Giant Solitaire & Chinese Checkers.

  1. Snakes Dots & Ladders:

We all have played at least one game of Snakes and Ladders in our lifetime. But now, you can enjoy this classic board game in a Giant version! Plus with this 2 in 1 game set, you also get everyone’s favourite Dots game on the other side of the game mat. So expect twice the fun while playing this game with family and friends. These games are among the most entertaining indoor board games and you can be sure about creating some amazing memories whether at home or your next party or event. The Snakes Dots & Ladders game can be played between two to eight players and is perfect for all ages.

Shop for Snakes Dots & Ladders.

  1. Giant Ludo Backgammon:

The Giant Ludo Backgammon game set has Backgammon on one side and Ludo on the other side. Just flip the mat to find these games on either side. Backgammon can be played between two players while Ludo is perfect for up to four players. The giant version of both of these games makes it more fun and engaging for players. The game mat also folds up for easy storage in your game cupboard or shelf.

Shop for Giant Ludo Backgammon.

  1. Mega Chess:

The Mega Chess set at Jenjo Games is the giant version of the classic game of chess. The game board mat is 1.5m x 1.5m so you can easily set up this game either in your living room or also your backyard or at parks near you. The larger-than-life size of Mega Chess adds a new dimension of entertainment to this fun strategy game. The game pieces are made of high-density polyethylene recycled plastic and can withstand any outdoor elements very well. Mega Chess would be a great addition to your next party or social gathering for endless fun with your friends and family.

Shop for Mega Chess.

  1. Giant Checkers:

Checkers is a great strategy board game and our giant version makes this classic game even better! The Giant Checkers set, with 3m x 3m game board mat, is the perfect game for fun outdoor activities and parties. The checkers pieces are very lightweight for ease of play, while also being waterproof, UV protected and stable in all weather conditions. With our Giant Checkers board game set, you can make some amazing memories with your family and friends.

Shop for Giant Checkers.

  1. Play on Words:

Play on words is just like the traditional word play game you know and love, but larger and better than ever! You can expect to have great fun and you will love the uniqueness of playing the over-sized edition of this classic board game. This family favourite is also a great educational game for kids to improve their vocabulary. Play on Words is the perfect giant board game for family game nights and indoor parties.

Shop for Play on Words.


At Jenjo Games, we have many other fun board games that are great for entertaining and bringing people together for some quality time. Feel free to check out all our games to see which amazing games you need to add to your games collection now!


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