Celebrities Who’s Playing Jenjo Games

a group of people playing giant connect four

Celebrities Who’s Playing Jenjo Games

It always feels good to spend some quality time with family and friends. What better way to spend this time than playing fun games that you can enjoy either indoors or outdoors. At Jenjo Games we are constantly adding new games that people of all ages can enjoy. It gives us immense pleasure to know that those who have bought any of our games have created great memories with them. Be it for family game nights, gatherings, parties, social events or celebrities who’s playing Jenjo. Kids and adults all over Australia are having a great time in their backyards, lawns or at nearby parks. How do we know this, you ask?

Celebrities Who’s Playing Jenjo Games

Well, there are many people and celebrities who have shared their thoughts and experiences on Social Media.

Like Michael Klim (@michaelklim1) on Instagram shared a beautiful picture with his kids playing with our MegaFour in their backyard. He said “Nothing like friendly game of @jenjogames connect “4” to bond OR divide the family 😜!!!” The Olympic Gold Medalist, World Champion and father of three certainly enjoys a healthy competition and spending quality time with his family.


Similarly, Australian Footballer, Thomas Rockliff (@tomrockliff11) shared a post on Instagram and was seen enjoying Giant Jenjo. He shared “Awesome new Giant Jenga..Bit of Friday night fun thanks to @54jenjo”.


Similarly, many sports clubs like North Melbourne Football Club, Collingwood Football Club, Essendon Football Club and Melbourne Football Club have played with our games. We all know that team building games are important to increase synergy, communications and to break the ice between team mates. And when big names like these celebrities and clubs enjoy our games, we couldn’t feel any prouder.

Who else is playing Jenjo?

Radio Show SEN 1116 (@everybodystalking) said “This is Cornhole best fun We’re mad about it”. Looks like they truly enjoyed playing Cornhole Game.



Bel Sloane, the TV presenter for Channel 7 Adelaide shared a video and you can see how nerve wracking and engaging the game of Giant Jenjo can be. She said “The stress was real! So was the excitement of not being the one to knock it over! @jenjogames”.

Bel Sloane

Likewise, Delatite Hotel (@delatitehotel) while revamping their courtyard shared a post about setting up Giant Chess and Giant Four.


At Jenjo Games we also do charity work to help our society and its members. As a part of Melbourne city mission, sleeping at the G was held at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Melbourne football club (@melbournefc) on Instagram shared a post “Sleep at the ‘G 2018 🌟 Some players + staff supporting this year’s event. 🙌” and were seen enjoying a good game of Giant Jenjo.


When people or celebrities playing Jenjo, enjoy our games and share their experiences and moments with us. It gives tremendous joy to all of us at Jenjo Games. We strive to provide durable and the best quality games for all ages which you can enjoy at any occasion. Many have shared their stories with us. If you ever had fun playing with our games then feel free to tag us on your social media post and share your memories with us!

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