Back to School by Jenjo Games

Back to School by Jenjo Games

Parents, teachers and children begin their back-to-school preparations each year when summer holidays come to an end. However, this year would be a bit different as children will be re-joining school classrooms post home schooling during the pandemic. The Back to School by Jenjo games can make learning fun for children and also help them in enhancing their skills. You can even prepare some creative activities for children with these amazing educational games. Read on to find out how our back to school Games are a great way to enhance your child’s skills in the comfort of your home.

Back to School by Jenjo Games:

  1. Abacus:

Abacus is an amazing educational toy for kids. It can teach them about patterns, counting, calculation and colours. Abacus is widely used in preschools and elementary schools because it’s colourful beads attract kids and the sliding beads helps children to develop fine motor skills. Similarly, children would also improve their hand eye coordination and sense of touch while playing with abacus.

  1. Wooden Dominoes:

Dominoes is a great game to play with children a. We have a couple different sizes that can cater for different ages and spaces. This provides a better grip and the large printed dots makes it recognisable for a visual impaired person too. You can teach children about addition and subtraction while engaging them in a fun game. Also, playing this game frequently can help children to develop intellectual skills.

  1. Scatter:

Scatter would be the perfect game for kids to indulge in some physical activity and a game which can teach them a lot about calculation. You can enjoy this by assigning your children the task of keeping the scores; you will be making math fun for them. They will be doing all sorts of addition and subtraction while having the best time playing this game. This game also improves their aim and throwing skills.

  1. Quoits:

Quoits is one of those amazing games that can help kids in developing many skills. Along with teaching children about addition and subtraction, Quoits can help them to develop their aiming skills and also their hand eye coordination. It is the perfect game for children to enhance their throwing skills and accuracy.

  1. Jenjo Blocks:

Jenjo wooden blocks allows you to come up with creative educational games for children. Use any of these jenjo blocks to write series of questions about math or any other study topic. You can prepare many games using these Jenjo blocks to make learning fun and engaging for children.


These back-to-school activities by Jenjo Games would not only help children in developing intellectual skills but also in their physical development. Check out our other educational games for kids!


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