Back to School: 10 Tips to Make It Easy

Back to School: 10 Tips to Make It Easy

Going back to school after a long summer break can be hard. To make it simpler on everyone, we’ve recognized ten ways to make this landing a little better and the begin of school that much easier.

1. Start your routine early

You can not be expecting to go to bed around 3 am and survive hearing your alarm blaring at 6:15 am. So, about a week before school begins, start going to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up early.

2. Get ready the night before

Don’t waste a good hour in the morning trying to find an outfit to wear. Instead, choose your outfit and pack your bags the night before. This will save you a lot more time in the morning, so that you can sleep more.

3. Make a to-do list

Create a list of everything you need to buy and what you need to do. You’ll feel more accomplished and can battle an enemy worse than bullies: procrastination.

4. Eat your breakfast. Seriously.

Eat it! Everyday. It’s what will give you the energy and focus you need to make it through the day. Remember, your brain needs fuel just like your car.

5. Plan your commute

Are you driving? Biking? Or hopping on a train? Make sure that it’s all planned out, so you can arrive on time. And make sure you have your gadgets with you and fully charged – there’s nothing worse than running out of battery on your smartphone on your way to school.

6. Map out your schedule

Check out your schedule and then try to visualize how long it would take to go from class to class. If you have time, even do a trial run. Particularly if you go to a big school, this will avoid you from getting lost or unintentionally walking into the wrong class and making up some awkward excuse.

7. Stay on your professor’s good side

Don’t skip class, try your very hardest to hand in your papers on time and don’t show up late. This way, they will respect you, and will be more likely to help you understand the material better and give you a much-needed extension on that essay you just couldn’t finish on time.

8. Make friends

Go to school social events and university fresher’s fairs. Join at least one new club that matches your interests and will bring you in contact with like-minded people. You should also try to find a study buddy and make older friends so they can give you the low-down on teachers, classes and everything in between. Friends, as we said before, are what make the school and uni experience so special, so make sure you don’t miss out!

9. Don’t bust your budget

You’re still a student after all! So until you start working, make sure to not go crazy with snacks at the cafeteria or spending everything during weekend outings with friends. Make a budget and stick to it.

10. Reinvent yourself

This is the time for personal growth and learning about yourself – really becoming the awesome person you were always meant to be. Challenge yourself in as many ways you can and don’t give into peer pressure. People will respect you more if you stay true to yourself.

Just remember that your time at school or university really is the best time of your life; everyone can attest that no matter how much you say you hate it during your time there, you’ll always miss it when it’s over.

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