8 Beach Games for Adults and Kids

8 Beach Games for Adults and Kids

As soon as the weather gets warm, the beach begins to call. And nothing makes a beach visit more fun than some good beach games. Beach games for kids keep them entertained when they are out of the water. Beach games for adults provide both exercise and fun.

Everyone loves playing with a beach games and our beach games take this fun to a new level. Of course, every beach has sand and we’ve included an entire section on sand games your whole family will enjoy.

Many of the beach games we have listed here require no special equipment or preparation. Read on to find the perfect beach game for your day at the beach.

Stunt Kites

The beach is a perfect place for kite flying – large, flat areas with no trees. Keep a few inexpensive kites in your beach bag and wait for a breeze. You can find stunt kites in our online store.

Wooden Limbo Set

Most adults are familiar with the limbo. Two people hold the “bar” and each person leans back and “dances” under it. Add some beach music. The “bar” is lowered each turn and the “winner” is the dancer who can go the lowest

Tug of War

Divide the family into two teams, making sure they are as evenly matched as possible. You can use a rope tied together. Draw a line in the sand and have each team take positions on either side of the line. The teams pull to see which crosses the line first.

Ladder Ball

Ladder Ball Game designed to offer customers the best value in outdoor games.  Our Single Ladder ball game with Red & Blue bolas is great fun for everyone. Simply setup the game ladder and start playing. Perfect for parties, picnics, cookouts and camping.

Wooden Scatter

Scatter is an addictive tactical game suitable for all ages where players use their skill and judgement to knock over the twelve numbered wooden pins. The aim is to knock over the numbered wooden pins by tossing the wooden baton at the pins (the baton must be thrown underarm). If a pin or pins are knocked down the player scores the number on that pin or pins.

Jumbo Jenjo

Jumbo Jenjo is played by taking one block out of the tower at a time & placing it on top. The finishes once a block/blocks falls from the tower. With a few tricky rules (only using 1 hand & not being able to take from the top 2 levels). Every set of Jumbo Jenjo purchase comes with an exciting drinking/activity game. Which involves doing activities for each jenjo block involved. Very fun & excellent way to get everyone in the group involved in playing. You can take the Jenjo set to the beach, friend’s place, local park, your backyard or even just have it as masterpiece with your lounge room.

Wooden Frescobol Set

Frescobol is known around the world however the name differs from beach to beach, from country to country. The game is really famous not only in Brazil, but in Greece, Italy, France, Australia, USA, New Zealand. Some call it beach frescoball, others smashball, kadima or matkot. Whatever the name, this game is just for fun and is absolutely noncompetitive. Our Frescobol Bat Set is designed by hand with much love and care. Our target is to provide you with a top quality product that will last and withstand the elements. 100% Australian Made and Owned.


Hopscotch is a great fun outdoor and indoor game. Perfect for family activities and educational purposes. Easy to pack and carry around you can bring your Hopscotch matt with you on all your adventures including family trips or even family visits.

Whether you’re heading to the ocean or the lake, pack some beach games, hats, and sunscreen, and prepare to have fun (and don’t forget the healthy snacks and water to keep them energized and hydrated).

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