7 Kids Games to Play at Home

7 Kids Games to Play at Home

We all know how games can be a great source of entertainment and fun. While games can keep kids occupied for hours, it can also teach them skills whilst making it fun. Over the years research has proven that puzzles, games and  toys which involve kids performing some sort of physical activity, have significant benefit to their overall development. It helps them to develop intellectual skills, motor skills, physical strength and hand eye coordination.

With this in mind, we have prepared the perfect list of kid’s games and toys that can prove to be very beneficial for them.


ClimbA is an amazing climbing play equipment toy for toddlers that can help a lot in their growth and development of physical strength. Toddlers are always on the move and are always in search of things to climb on. This could lead to climbing on furniture and on other things around the house which can be potentially dangerous.

ClimbA is the perfect toy to avoid such situations as it enables toddlers to burn their energy in a safe environment. Climbing up and down the equipment helps toddlers with dexterity and to develop fine motor skills. In addition to this, ClimbA also helps to develop strength in their arms, legs and back. It will be a great addition to any play room and a perfect gift to any toddler.

Children’s Cube

Wooden activity toys are among the best toys that promote critical and creative thinking among kids. They can have hours of imaginative play and can also develop find motor skills as they grow. There are many ways to play with the children’s Cube and can be only limited to one’s imagination. Kids can pass through, up and down, in and around the cube. Playing with the Cube will aid in the development of your child’s hand, eye and foot coordination in an effective way.


When you introduce your child to books at an early age, they tend to develop the habit of reading. We can all agree that books are a great source of learning and provide essential knowledge for your growing child. Along with this, it is also very important for us to make kids learn about being organised. When you get your child their favourite book, they should also know how to keep them properly. This is where a bookshelf can prove to be very useful. It is designed to give quick access to kids to keep their belongings in an organised manner by themselves. This habit at an early age will teach them how to be organised and how to take care of their belongings in a proper way.

Wobble Board

If you’ve been wondering what the Wobble board is, it’s a popular toy for kids (and adults) and one of the best balance boards available! Simple, sleek and sustainable, this eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing product encourages both active and imaginative play, while offering an endless amount of uses. This popular toy makes a great birthday or Christmas gift that children can use for years to come.

Climbing Frame

You can also find many other educational games and toys for kids which will prove to be not just amazing but also very beneficial for them. These kids games will be perfect gifts for the young ones as it also makes learning fun and interesting.

Wooden Rainbow

The Wooden Rainbow offers your child a variety of learning experiences and is designed for hours of fun. This large rainbow stacking block will spark your kids imagination with endless opportunities for play. The Wooden Rainbow is a versatile toy that can be stacked and balanced in creative ways. However, you can spread out to make different shapes and use it as a bridge or tunnel. There are no limits to the learning and fun you can have! The Wooden Rainbow helps your little one to learn about colours, shapes and size, encourages their imaginations and develops their co-ordination and balancing skills. Stacking toys also help to develop fine motor skills in your child.

Children’s See Saw

The Children’s See Saw is not only multi-functional but also a fun filled toy guaranteed to keep your kids entertained for hours! Since playing with the Children’s See Saw will help your child’s ongoing physical development. It helps in mastering new skills in climbing as well as improving balance and physical coordination. Your little ones will be delighted by the simple yet exciting rocking motion of the See Saw. The Children’s See Saw/Steps is a versatile toy that can also be flipped over to turn into steps, perfect for your kids to climb and explore.

If you are looking for more, click here “Kids Play Equipment” to find the best games for kids of all ages!

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