6 Mastermind Games by Jenjo Games

6 Mastermind Games by Jenjo Games

6 Mastermind Games by Jenjo Games

1. Giant Solitaire and Chinese Checkers Set:

This game set gives you two mastermind games at the price of one. You will find giant solitaire on one side and Chinese checkers on the other side. Both the games are perfect for family game nights and will be a great test of skill for everyone. This Giant Solitaire and Chinese Checkers game set would help all players to work their mind by challenging their ability to think and strategize at the same time.

Games like these are not only entertaining for players, but also fun for others watching you play.

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2. Chess & Checkers:

The Chess & Checkers board game can be a special Xmas gift to parents. In this game set you get two board games in one. You can easily store the pieces in the storage drawer of the board and carry it anywhere comfortably. Play chess any time and when you want to switch, you have the checkers game right there with you.

We all know how interesting and fun a game of chess or checkers can be, especially for kids. Games like Chess and Checkers can help them exercise their minds. Every home should have this board game , at Jenjo Games you get both the games on a single board and comes complete with a storage compartment. So that you can play chess or checkers anywhere and anytime!

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3. Giant Rummy:

Giant Rummy is one of the most popular indoor family games which has a simple premise. Although, it’s traditionally played with a deck of cards, the Giant Rummy by Jenjo Games is far better than the usual. The giant version of this entertaining indoor family game adds extra fun for kids as well as for adults. Also, you can either play this game in teams as well as individually. Making it perfect for family game nights and indoor parties.

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4. Giant Ludo Backgammon:

The Giant Ludo Backgammon game set has Backgammon on one side and Ludo on the other side. Just flip the mat to find these games on either side. Backgammon can be played between two players while Ludo is perfect for up to four players. The giant version of both of these games makes it more fun and engaging for players. The game mat also folds up for easy storage in your game cupboard or shelf.

The Giant Ludo Backgammon gives you two games in one. Ludo on one side and backgammon on the other. One can easily set up this game anywhere in their backyard, lawn or at parks near them. The larger than life size makes it more fun and expect a great reaction from everyone.

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5. Giant Ships:

The Giant Ships game would bring everyone together for having some fun. Although, it is a two player game but people watching will equally enjoy this game. It is the perfect game to to play at home and even outdoors.

Giant ships is a fun guessing game between two players, but can be played in teams of two as well. Players are given 5 battle ships, which are to be placed on the board. However, both the players cannot see where the other player has placed their ships. Players then have to call out coordinates where they think the opponent might have placed their ships. If they are right then one must speak out saying “HIT”, otherwise “MISS”. The player or the team to capsize all of the opponent’s ships first wins the game.

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6. Mega Who:

Mega who is just like the tradition games of guess who but the giant version makes it more fun. Kids and adults both can enjoy this entertaining outdoor game and experience something new. It is a great addition for a party, outdoor event or social gathering. If you are looking for something extraordinary then why not offer your customers/patrons the best of what is the only one in Australia!

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If you want to check out other games, feel free to visit our website and browse through the different set of games. You will find many other indoor games and outdoor games perfect for you and your family to enjoy at home, at birthday parties, weddings or for any type of gatherings and events.


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