5 Highly Enjoyable Indoor Games

5 Highly Enjoyable Indoor Games

Playing is not simply for fun, it is a stress-buster, it is an activity that keeps us healthy without giving us the time to realise its value. There’s nothing like a good game to bring a family together. Here is a list of indoor games that can suit you well when you wish to spend some family time, or the weather doesn’t allow outdoor activities. Break the boredom with these games:

Wooden Bingo:

Whether you are having a family game night, party, backyard barbeque or fundraiser, this Wooden Bingo Game is sure to provide hours of old-fashioned fun. Each game comes with 18 bingo playing cards, a bingo cage, two bingo board, 150 wooden bingo chips and 75 wooden bingo balls. The durable cage measures approximately 9 inches tall (including the bass) and features a handle for easy spinning and ball access. Bingo board is made from durable wood and features quality hinges for convenient closure. This wholesome game is sure to be entertaining for adults and children alike. The vintage-like appearance of the wooden components is sure to add a touch of nostalgia to any party or event. Instructions for several different variations of Bingo are included with each set. These instructions are easy to read and will have you enjoying your new game in no time!. This item is recommended for ages 5 and up.

Giant Pickup Sticks:

Giant Pickup Sticks is the perfect game for any occasion. This game will quickly become one of your family’s favorite indoor and outdoor games. The wooden stick design is smooth to hold and light enough to make those tricky maneuvers when the game gets difficult. Add it to your list of indoor games for your next BBQ or family camping trip. Relive the tense moments you had as a child trying to remove the stick without disrupting the whole stack The Giant Pickup Sticks take this classic game to whole new level. Begin the game by mixing up the sticks and holding them in a bunch over the ground. The person who is holding them releases the sticks so they fall upon the playing surface, forming a pile. Go for the win by scoring the most points, but be careful not to disrupt the pile or your turn ends. Be the first to grab the Mikado (see included instructions) for extra help in winning the game. Pick it up in its mesh carry bag and take the game from your living room to your backyard, or even the great outdoors.

Giant Wooden Dice:

Want a cool way to play Yahtzee, Bunco or other fun games indoor? Giant Wooden Dice set is perfect for capturing everyone’s interest in classic dice or board games. Each die has smooth rounded edges for easy playability, kiln-dried wood for durability, and deep heat-branded pips for visibility. This set includes 5 blocks and each block is 9cm square and can serve as great game room decor, or bookends. Everyone can play!

Mini 4:

Mini 4 is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It’s removable slot in legs for easy storage and only takes 1-2 minutes to put together. It includes light-weight frame and 42 discs (21 each yellow and red colour). It is suitable for 2 or more players age above 3 years. A classic game of skill that is fun to play with family or friends in the backyard, beach, local park, corporate events or you very own wedding. Wherever you take the Mini 4 expect a WOW factor from all your guests! The winner being the first player to get four disc’s either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Play on Words:

Test your vocabulary and word skills with this Play on Words game (Scrabble) from Jenjo Games. Every word counts in this game and you are in for an enriching experience when you play to make random words from alphabets. The set includes 100 wooden square letter tiles (8.5cm each), 1.5m square vinyl mat, 4 racks (88cm each), 4 still pegs, 1 nylon carry bag and rules sheet. 2 – 4 players can play the game and it is a perfect party game. Word games help develop vocabulary. It stimulates the brain and improves strategic skill, all the while encouraging group play.

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