5 Best Lawn Games for Adults in 2019

5 Best Lawn Games for Adults in 2019

Even science is telling you to do so! Recent studies have shown that engaging in playful activities through adulthood can help lower stress, improve cognitive functions, and build social bonds with others, which is so much more than what your phone can do for you.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a few buds, one of these lawn games, head to the beach or backyard, and let the good times roll!

• Championship Croquet

Championship Croquet is a classic lawn game that can be enjoyed by adults. Place the wickets into the ground creating a golf course of sorts and knock the balls through the arches. This set comes with enough mallets for four people to play and has a mesh storage bag so you can bring on vacation and beyond. The game is simple and you can improvise to your audience. It’s also a fun game to play when entertaining since you don’t have to get too into it if you don’t want to.

• Giant Four Hardwood

The game is made of hardwood, so it’s sturdy, and the coins are made of durable plastic. It comes in a cardboard box for easy storage or taking it on the go. A classic game of skill that is fun to play with family or friends in the backyard, beach, local park, corporate events or you very own wedding.

It stands 106cm high and 118cm wide for big-time fun. It includes 42 plastic disc (21 red and 21 yellow). Players take turns dropping them, as they try to score four in a row for a win. When the game is over, releasing the pieces is almost as much fun as playing.

• Gigantic Chess

A “larger than life” chess set will attract crowds and bring a new dimension to any entertainment area or garden. It is sure to keep you on your toes – literally! Whether you are looking to create an impact at your wedding, event or party or seeking new and exciting ways to entertain your guests, the Gigantic Chess Set will ensure you stand out above the rest.

Gigantic Chess is our largest plastic chess set and will look magnificent in a large garden, venue or hotel grounds. Suitable for all ages this Giant Chess Game can be enjoyed by all.

• Mega Quoits

Mega Quoits is a ring toss game that is beautifully crafted and simple to play. To play just take the choir rope rings (called Quoits) and toss them onto the target. If your ring lands on one of the pegs then you score that point value. The game is easy and fast to setup and breakdown.

This is a very fun for game for kids and adults and it will assist with your child’s hand eye coordination as well as math skills as they count up the point values and keep score.

• Premium Cornhole

You simply can’t go wrong with this classic game that’s been a family favorite for years. While there’s no corn involved, this version of Cornhole comes with two 120cm x 60cm Corn Hole boards, eight bean ​bags and a carrying case—everything you need to get corny. Players of all ages can play, and the rules are simple. Just toss the bags into the hole, and the player with the best aim wins.​

This is a great game to be setup in the backyard, beach, hallway, local park or on the neighborhood street. Premium Cornhole game is also a fantastic game for all ages 3+, the throwing distance can be changed due to level of placing area or age or difficulty but the standard throwing distance between each cornhole board is 8.2m.

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