5 Best Hire Lawn Games 2018

5 Best Hire Lawn Games 2018

5 Best Hire Lawn Games 2018

Jenjo Games offers a variety of lawn/yard games to hire for your next event & function. Our hire lawn games are an excellent choice when looking for entertainment for your event as it is sure to keep your guests entertained for hours. Our lawn/yard games are a popular choice for weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, corporate events, bar mitzvah, team building exercises & more. You can also use the games as props for photoshoots, theatre performances and more. The lawn games can be set up to create a fantastic atmosphere and is popular for vintage themed weddings and other themed events. Jenjo Games catalogue is constantly growing & changing to keep up with high demand some examples of games available for hire include the popular giant yard games such as Giant chess, Giant connect 4, Giant Jenjo and more.

The whole range of Jenjo Hire Lawn Games products are available for hiring out, our most popular hire lawn games are listed below:

1. Hire Cornhole:

Hire Cornhole Includes:

  • 2 x Cornhole Boards
  • 4 x Red Corn Bags
  • 4 x Blue Corn Bags
  • Blue Storage Zipper Bag (As seen in photo 7)
  • Cornhole Rules Included

Booking Price: Starts from $60 for 3 Day and $20 will be add for each additional day.

Cornhole is very easy and fun game for all ages, the rules can be points awarded for getting the bag in the hole and fewer points for landing on the board, the first to your desired number is the winner!

Hire Cornhole for Party

2. Hire Giant 4:

Hire Giant 4 Includes:

  • Dimensions= 120cm High, 123cm Wide
  • Ideal game for kids parties, weddings, community events, outdoor activities, birthdays or social gatherings.
  • Played by all ages 3+
  • Rules Included
  • Comes in a cardboard box (120x110x12cm)
  • Weight 20kg

Booking Price: Starts from $100 for 3 Days and $30 will be add for each additional day.

Giant 4 is perfect for weddings, parties,corporate events. Great for team building. Loads of fun. Suitable for a wide range of ages and events. Very easy and fun to play, simply place the discs in the slots on top and make a row of four to win. Easy to move and set up. Great fun out on the grass or indoors.

Hire Giant 4 for Party

3. Hire Mega Dominoes:

Hire Mega Dominoes Includes:

  • 28 Mega Wooden Dominoes
  • Rules Included
  • Length: 30cm
  • Width: 15cm
  • Height: 2cm

Booking Price: Starts from $45 for 3 Days and $15 will be add for each additional day.

Mega Dominoes is great game for the younger generation learning to connect numbers together & have fun by stacking each domino up & push them all over in a domino effect. Dominoes are also great for people with visual impairment. Suitable for a wide range of ages and events.

Hire Mega Dominoes for Party

4. Hire Giant Chess:

Hire Giant Chess Includes

  • 3m x3m nylon chess mat
  • 40cm pawns
  • 62cm  King
  • 59cm for Queen
  • Rules Included

Booking Price: Starts from $150 for 3 Day and $50 will be add for each additional day.

Giant Chess magically attracts people into the amazing game, even if they haven’t ever played chess before. It’s hard to comprise the excitement of kids, teenagers, adults, and seniors when they see this set. Its size makes it a great companion to virtually any yard or entertainment area.

Hire Giant Chess for Party

5. Hire Giant Naughts and Crosses

Hire Giant Naughts and Crosses Includes:

  • Five X wooden pieces measuring at: 26cm width & height
  • Four O wooden pieces diameter of: 29cm
  • Large Rope measuring at 1.5metres square
  • Rules Included
  • Overall weight of set = 4kg
  • Comes nicely packed in a cardboard box

Booking Price: Starts from $35 for 3 Days and $10 will be add for each additional day.

Giant Naughts & Crosses or also called Tic Tac Toe or X’s & O’s originally a game only played on paper. Now this traditional game is resized to jumbo proportions and can now be played on almost any surface indoors or outside which makes it perfect for weddings, parties, corporate events.

Hire Naughts and Crosses for Party

See our full list of Giant Outdoor Games for hire >> View All Hire Lawn Games & Packages

To confirm availability please email jenjogames@gmail.com including the desired products, the dates needed, and whether you will require delivery and or collection.

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