2021 Xmas Gift Guide

2021 Xmas Gift Guide - Jenjo Games

2021 Xmas Gift Guide

Christmas is one of the most favourite time of the year at Jenjo Games as it is all about spreading love, cheer and making our close ones feel appreciated with interesting gifts. While Christmas is fast approaching, you still have time to find amazing Xmas gifts for everyone on your list. However, 2021 Xmas gift guide don’t come easy to everyone, especially when it’s for the whole family and different age groups. So, to make sure you have covered everyone and everything. Our 2021 Xmas gift guide for kids and adults will help you find suitable games for all ages. Read on to find out more!

For the Whole Family to Enjoy – 2021 Xmas Gift Guide

1. Cornhole Standard:

The bean bag toss game, commonly known as Cornhole is an amazing outdoor game. Everyone has played or heard about Cornhole at some point. Since, there are very few games that children and adults can enjoy playing together. Cornhole game would be an interesting Xmas gift for the whole family as it adds the fun element to parties, family reunions or social gatherings anytime of the year.

Shop for Cornhole Standard or Cornhole Premium.

2. Bocce:

Bocce is one of the oldest and most popular outdoor game enjoyed by people all over the world. This game is easy to play and is suitable for all ages and skill levels. The other best thing about Bocce is that you don’t have to worry about where to play this game. Almost any flat surface can be used as a bocce court, making it a perfect game to play not only at parks, lawn or your backyard, but also on a camping trip. If you are looking for an Xmas gift that encourages everyone to have some outdoor fun in 2021. Then Bocce set will be a great choice for you.

Shop for Bocce Wooden, Bocce Petanque or Bocce Resin Ball.

3. Jumbo Jenjo:

Jumbo Jenjo is great game for fun family game nights and activities. This game brings families together and can prove to be a great hit at social activity that also brings communities together. Jumbo Jenjo is the perfect game for indoor as well as outdoor activities, allowing all involved to create memories that can last for a very long time. Which makes Jumbo Jenjo the perfect Xmas gift for friends and everyone in the family.

Shop for Jumbo Jenjo.

4. Scatter:

Scatter is a lawn tossing game that can provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. The young ones and adults can enjoy playing this game equally. And since it’s very easy to carry this game around, you can have endless fun anywhere and anytime. Making Scatter the ideal Xmas gift as it will get plenty of use for years to come.

Shop for Scatter Pine or Scatter Hardwood.

5. Wooden Bingo:

Bingo has managed to stay the most beloved game for a long period of time across all ages. And there’s something about this game that ensures everyone has a really good time. Even if you are not winning at Bingo, you can be sure about creating fun memories and laughing the whole time. The Bingo set by Jenjo Games is a wonderful choice for Xmas parties, birthday parties, family reunions, weddings, social gatherings and for sporting events.

Shop for Wooden Bingo.

For the Little Kids:

1. ClimbA:

ClimbA is the perfect climbing equipment for toddlers and would be a lovely Xmas gift for young ones. Since, kids are full of energy and are always on the move, wooden ClimbA enables them to burn some energy in a safe environment. Toddlers can climb up and down the play equipment. Which helps them to enhance dexterity and to develop fine motor skills as they grow.

Shop for ClimbA.

2. Rainbow Wooden Planks:

Open ended toys provide many benefits to children and Rainbow wooden planks is one such toy that’s perfect for helping kids to develop essential skills. The wooden planks offer endless play opportunities to kids by promoting imaginative play and providing hours of learning experience. If you are looking for a Christmas gift that can make learning fun, then get the kids our Rainbow wooden planks. As it teaches the young ones about different colours, shapes, sizes and more.

Shop for Rainbow Wooden Planks.

3. Wooden Marble Tree:

Wooden marble tree is a wonderful toy for kids which helps to engage their senses and provides hours of entertainment. Children release the marble from top of the wooden tree, as it rolls down the leaves creating various sounds and musical tones. The young ones will find creative ways to play with it. The bright rainbow colours and endless ways to play makes it an ideal Xmas gift for the little kids.

Shop for Wooden Marble Tree.

4. Large Pyramid:

Large Pyramid toy, enables children to build castles, towers, beautiful structures and so much more. It also allows kids to create anything and encourages them to use their imagination. Which makes the large pyramid an amazing toy for the young ones to enhance and explore their creative thinking. Playing with these colourful blocks can also help them to develop fine motor skills and spatial thinking. There’s no limit to the scale of fun kids can have while playing and learning with large pyramid.

Shop for Large Pyramid.


For the Bigger Kids:

1. Mega Dominoes:

We all know to play a fun game of dominoes but it’s giant version can make it more interesting. Mega dominoes by Jenjo Games is just like the traditional game but bigger in size. It’s over sized pieces would make it easy to grip and the large printed dots can be recognised by visually impaired person too. Kids can have a great time playing and developing intellectual skills with this game. Making it a great Xmas gift for children.

Shop for Mega Dominoes.

2. Mega 4 Hardwood:

Mega 4 Hardwood is the classic version of connect four which is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor activities. You can have endless fun with this game and would be an interesting Xmas gift for the young ones. It can easily add a “wow” factor to any party, gathering or event. If you are looking for a game to gift that is strategic and also entertaining, then get them the Mega 4 Hardwood.

Shop for Mega 4 Hardwood or Mega 4 Plywood.

3. Giant Quoits:

Giant Quoits is an amazing game that can make learning fun for kids. Although it requires tossing skills to play, kids can develop accuracy and learn about numbers by counting scores. Making it the perfect educational game for kids to enhance essential skills as they grow older.

Shop for Giant Quoits, Mega Quoits and Quoits.


For the Parents:

1. Chess & Checkers:

The Chess & Checkers board game can be a special Xmas gift to parents. In this game set you get two board games in one. You can easily store the pieces in the storage drawer of the board and carry it anywhere comfortably. Play chess any time and when you want to switch, you have the checkers game right there with you.

Shop for Chess & Checkers.

2. Championship Croquet:

Championship Croquet is an amazing outdoor game that parents can enjoy with their friends and other family members. It’s a great game that encourages them to go outdoors and indulge in some physical activity. Adults can also relish playing croquet with children in their backyard, lawn or at parks. Since, Xmas is all about having memorable moments with your beloved ones. Championship croquet will be a great addition any outdoor party and events.

Shop for Championship Croquet.

3. Magnetic Bottle Opener:

The Magnetic Bottle Opener is a very simple and convenient bottler opener. It can prove to be a great addition to any home or while having a party. The bottle opener catches the bottle caps as it drops off and makes it easy to dispose later.

Shop for Magnetic Bottle Opener.

Since Christmas is the time of giving and expressing how blessed you feel to have family & friends in your life. We hope our 2021 Xmas gift guide has made few things easy for you. At Jenjo Games, we have numerous indoor games, outdoor games and educational games which brings everyone together for creating memories for a lifetime.


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